Rapid Test Ibiza - Prueba Covid19 con certificado de aptitud para viajar

Su servicio privado de pruebas rápidas de antígenos en la isla.

Nuestros probadores cualificados se desplazarán a su villa, apartamento u hotel.

Certificado de "aptitud para viajar" emitido en el punto de prueba a través de nuestro médico privado registrado en la isla.

La Dra. Marja Van Engelen para una experiencia de cliente sin estrés.

a partir de 45 euros por prueba, incluido el certificado*.

(* 35 euros a pagar con tarjeta más gastos de desplazamiento según el lugar)

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    NOTA: Si viaja hoy, por favor, envíe un Whatsapp: +34649909079

    ¿Necesita las pruebas del día 2 y del día 8 para volver al Reino Unido?

    Podemos proporcionárselos por 43 libras esterlinas por prueba: es el servicio más barato del Reino Unido

    Una vez que haya reservado su prueba rápida de antígenos, recibirá su código de descuento e instrucciones en el correo electrónico de confirmación. 


    What do the customers say?

    “Superb service from this organisation. Very professional, slick process. They came to our villa, tested the family including the children who were instantly put at ease. A fit to fly test certificate was emailed over to us and this was all completed within about half hour. I was delighted with the simplicity and speed in which it was carried out and we could get back to enjoying our holiday. Highly recommend!”

    Nicola Higgs, Ibiza

    “Great service, responded almost immediately, and come direct to the villa, which saved us so much hassle. Best value for time and money on the island I could find!”

    James Morris, Ibiza

    “Finally a service that actually works on ibiza ! The team at Rapid Test Ibiza make the last days of holiday and the fit-to-fly test an absolute breeze. The nurse came direct to our hotel ‘on time’ and with a smile. We received the results immediately allowing us to process our final paperwork instantly, meaning we could actually enjoy the last days of holiday rather than having to run around or spend a further fortune.
    Reasonable prices
    Excellent service
    Instant results
    In our new world of covidiots, confusing rules, unnecessary paperwork and unadulterated profit, its comforting to know there is a company who cares, knows the rules and is ultimately helpful and reasonable.
    Keep up the good work Rapid Test Ibiza. Will definitely use again!!”

    Joe Smilovitch, Ibiza

    “This really is a great service! It’s all run by people from the island and really professional. The nurse came to our villa and tested the whole family within about 30 minutes. She was so efficient and the test was really easy to do even the kids were fine with it.. But the best part was as soon as we had the results the nurse emailed the ‘fit to fly’ certificates to us their and then! No waiting and worrying for the last days of our holiday. The price was really reasonable one of the cheapest I found. Thanks so much Rapid test Ibiza!”

    Talei Morris, Ibiza